Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fendi Mini Chef Bag

Take a look at this too too precious little purse from Fendi! It is made of multicolored canvas and silver mesh. The prominent padlock accessory makes a bold fashion statement. Inside the purse is lined with Fendi's signature brown zucca fabric. The shoulder strap has a 3" drop so you may be able to use it as a shoulder bag if you are a really skinny mini. :p

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Ipod Shuffle

Always innovative with sleek designs, Apple definitely knows how to make a visual statement! Normally, small and convenient translates to easily lost. But the new Ipod shuffle comes with a handy-dandy clip to secure to your clothing, purse, gym bag...whatever. This cute little itty-bitty device is perfect to use when working out or walking/running. No more having to strap on the bigger MP3 players or the flopping around of the old Ipod shuffle with lanyard. I'm definitely getting this one to replace my old grungy shuffle. Available in October and it's only $79!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Louis Vuitton Big Apple Charm

A little extravagant but still CUTE, it's Louis Vuitton's Big Apple Charm! Made of 18k gold and weighing in at 14.5 grams...This pricey piece of fruit is made of red, yellow, and green gold. A little Louis Vuitton monogram case is included with this homage to New York city. Well, it better come with something free at this price. :p

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Tokidoki Bastardino!

This little bugger is TOO TOO CUTE!!! Tokidoki's Bastardino vinyl toy is perfect for yourself or as a dog chew (spikes are removable). Sorry, the little pup is only avaiable in green. Check out all the other neat stuff available from Tokidoki and also the Tokidoki line of handbags and purses from Le Sportsac. This adorable critter is only $12.

Take Bastardino home!

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